Freshly Baked Breads

N1- Naan$2.00
N2-Tandoori Roti$1.50
N3-Cheese Naan$2.50
N4-Onion Naan$2.50
N5-Coriander Naan$2.50
N6-Garlic Naan$2.50
N7-Garlic & Cheese Naan$3.00
N8-Keema Naan$3.00
N9-Palace Naan$3.50
N10-Aloo Naan$2.50
N11-Alloo Parantha$2.50
N12-Plain Naan$2.00
N13-Gobi Parantha$2.50

Vegetarian Specials

V1-Paneer Makhni$8.00
V2-Chilli Paneer$8.00
V3-Paneer Masala$8.00
V4-Saag Paneer$8.00
V5-Mutter Paneer$8.00
V6-Vegetable Balti$8.00
V7-Vegetable Korma$7.50
V8-Saag Aloo$7.50
V9-Aloo Gobi$7.50
V10-Aloo Mutter$7.50
V11-Aloo Baingain$7.50
V12-Baingain Bhartha$7.50
V13-Punjabi Aloo$7.50
V14-Bhindi Masala$8.00
V15-Mushroom Masala$7.50
V16-Malai Kofta$8.00
V17-Chana Masala$7.50
V18-Daal Makhni$7.50
V19-Yellow Daal Fry (Daal Tadka)$7.50
V20-Channa Bathura$7.50


A2-Onion Bhaji$6.00
A3-Chicken Pakora$7.50
A4-Veg Samosa(2pcs)$4.00
A5-Meat Samosa (2pcs)$4.50
A6-Chaat Papri$7.00
A7-Aloo Tikki (2pcs)$5.00


S2-Daal Mulligatwny$3.50
S3-Chicken Mulligatwny$4.50

Side Orders

01-Papad (2pcs)$1.00
02-Plain Yogurt$2.00
03-Cucumber Raita$3.00
04-Tomato & Onion Raita$3.00
05-Kachumber Salad$4.00


D1-Gulab Jamun (2pcs)$2.00
D2-Kulfi (Mango and Saffron)$4.00


Chicken Specialities

C1-Chicken Curry$8.25
C2-Chicken Vindaloo$8.25
C3-Chicken Korma$8.25
C4-Chicken Buna$8.25
C5-Chicken Baltioi Mushroom$9.25
C6-Chicken Madras$8.25
C7-Chicken Aloo Jira$8.25
C8-Chicken Tikka$8.25
C9-Chicken Tikka Masala$8.25
C10-Butter Chicken$9.25
C11-Chicken Dhansak$8.25
C12-Chicken Saag$8.25
C13-Karahi Chicken$9.25
C14-Chicken Special$10.25

Lamb Specialities

L1-Lamb Curry$8.25
L2-Lamb Masala$8.25
L3-Lamb Vindaloo$8.25
L4-Lamb Saag$8.25
L5-Lamb Korma$8.25
L6-Lamb Karahi$9.25
L7-Lamb Balti$9.25
L8-Mutton Madras$8.25


B1-Soft Drinks$1.50
B2-Lassi (Sweet or Salty)$2.50
B3-Mango Lassi/Shake$3.50
B4-Indian Spicy Tea$3.00

Alcoholic Beverages

L1-Domestic Beers$4.00
L2-Imported Beers$5.50
L4-Wines (by Glass)$4.00
L6-Premium Liquor$6.50

Rice Specilities

R1-Rice Pulao$3.25
R2-Fried Rice$4.25
R3-Vegetable Biryani$6.25
R4-Chicken Biryani$7.25
R5-Lamb Biryani$8.25
R6-Palace Biryani$9.25

We serve medium hot spices on request. Dishes can be prepared mild, medium, hot or extra hot.
Prices are subject to change without notice.